Smart IR Cube

How to configure the Smart IR Cube?

You have to follow the steps below:

1. Download Aztech Kyla app from App Store or Google Play.

2. Press and hold the power on button on the Smart IR Cube for six (6) seconds until the LED light flashes rapidly in Red light.

3. Open Aztech Kyla app and tap “+” on the top right corner.

4. Select “Remote” follow by “KIRB-110-WF” then “Next”.

5. Select “Aztech Kyla_AP” from the network list.

6. Return to Aztech Kyla app to key-in the password of your router or modem for Wi-Fi or internet access and tap “Connect”.

7. Wait for sixty (60) seconds for the Aztech Kyla app to search for your Smart IR Cube.

8. Tap “Save”. Installation has completed!

What are the colors on the LED Light represents?

Colors Status
Solid Red light Cannot connect to the router, default state
Red light flash rapidly Configuration mode
Red light flash rapidly Connecting to the server
Solid Blue light Normal working condition
Blue light flash one time Send IR code once
Solid purple light IR code learning mode

How to add a remote control?

1. Open Aztech Kyla app

2. Tap ‘Smart IR Cube’

3. Tap “Add remote control”

4. Select the appliance(s) you wish to add

5. Choose the brand of your appliance and match remote control

What should I do if my appliance is not found in the brand list?

You can add a custom remote control by adding the name of the brand and it will automatically program the appliance and create a custom profile for your new remote.

Can I use one Smart IR Cube to control the TVs in different room?

No, the infrared signal might be absorbed by the wall therefore you may need a separate Smart IR Cube for different room.

Why does the Smart IR Cube show offline sometimes?

The Wi-Fi connection might be disconnected or not available. You may try to restart the router to connect back the Smart IR Cube.

What is the specification for Smart IR Cube

Input Power: 5V 1A Micro USB

Infrared Remote Distance: 7 meters

Infrared Remote Angle: 360°

How do I connect the new Smart IR Cube to the router?

You have to configure the new Smart IR Cube and connect it to the wireless router again.

What is the size of the IR code database?

The IR code database is more than 6000.

Why am I having trouble adding new device to the Kyla app on my Android phone?

Please toggle off the data service before starting the pairing process using WiFi. After the successful initial pairing, you can use data service as you normally would.