Smart Combustible Gas Sensor

Product Highlights

  • Prevents build-up of combustible gas by notifying users on the dangerous gas limits when exceeded
  • Remotely monitors the combustible gas concentration via smartphone
  • No worries about forgetting to turn off the gas stove anymore or fire being put out by boiling water

Other Features

  • Sensitive Concentration Detection
    An alarm is triggered when the concentration of the combustible gas is beyond the normal range, and a notification will be sent via the app.
  • Detects, Thinks, and Alerts You Immediately
    Loud buzzing alarm with 75dB and instant app message to remind you to take actions in advance to protect your home and family.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

79 x 68 x 31mm

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

Max 95% RH

Alarm Volume


Working Voltage


Alarm Volume


Wireless Networking Distance

≤ 100m (Open Area)

Alarm Sensitivity

6% LEL ± 3% LEL

Communication Protocol

Zigbee HA