Smart Smoke Sensor

Product Highlights

  • Alarms when there is excess smoke detected indoors
  • Immediately receives alarm notification via your smartphone wherever you are once sensor detects smoke
  • Supports different kinds of alarm output when different smoke levels is detected

Other Features

  • Sensitive Photoelectric Sensor
    The flashing red LED indicator and loud buzzing alarm of 85dB will be triggered once it detects smoke in your house. Receive notifications instantly via the app to take action immediately wherever you are.
  • Remotely Check Real-Time Status of Your House
    With the app, you can check the real-time status in your home from anywhere.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption
    Batteries last up to 1 year.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

60 x 60 x 49.2mm

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

Max 95% RH

Power Supply


Battery Type

CR123A Lithium Battery x 1

Standby Current

≤ 10uA

Alarm Current

≤ 60mA

Alarm Volume

85 dB/3m

Wireless Networking Distance

≤ 100m (Open Area)

Communication Protocol

Zigbee ZHA / Z-WAVE